Welcome. I’m Sam.

I will be personally presenting the step-by-step Kite-Building-Video-Course. You’re going to have lots of fun, building a kite and flying it. As seen in the videos below. Family and friends can join in too.

No special skills or tools are necessary. The only tools you’ll need are a knife and a pair of scissors. Most, if not all, the supplies required can be found at your local dollar/discount store or craft store. The cost is between $5 to $10, and most items can be reused.

The great thing about this project is that the kite will be 100% biodegradable and eco friendly—no plastics or chemicals used.

Also, if you follow along with my video, by the time it’s over, you’ll have a kite ready to fly—the first time, no need to practice until you get it right. The first time.

Once you get it up in the sky, it will fly on its own for hours. Tie it down and watch it dance in the sky.

I’ve made this tutorial affordable for most people. For a small, one-time payment of US $19.95, you’ll learn a new skill that will provide you with tons of fun and beautiful memories for a long time to come.

The course is hosted on and, both are reputable online academies. The links below will take you to the course checkout on either site.

Have fun!